About me

My name is Vanessa and I live in the south of the UK, although I'm originally from the north.

By profession I'm a manager of a contracted-out local government service, but that's not who I am, just the job I ended up doing.

My main interests are in music, photography, reading and crafts, although I am interested in most things, even If I don't get the time to do much about it (astronomy is one thing I wish I could learn more about - and get more use out of my 130mm Dobsonian telescope).

My undergraduate degree was in music, followed by various other qualifications: as a secretary, a professional qualification and a software engineering diploma. Butterfly mind, clearly.

You can find me on Twitter as and on Instagram as @mydnyghtrose, which is also the name of my other, craft-related, blog.

Mostly, though, you will find me chatting on the best social network: 10 Centuries